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The "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" website. A global website for global readers in all countries. Please submit your stories to the website at: [SEE INFO BELOW]

hosted by Dan Bloom, reporter, editor, writer, author of "In the Eyes of a Child, It's Never Too Late To Begin Again", published in 2003 in hardback by Life Potential Publications.

NOTE TO NEW READERS: Have you ever wanted to begin your life over again, start a new chapter, start a new career, change jobs, change your life, move to a new city (or country)? Or have you ever failed at some challenge or dream, only to pick yourself up again and try again -- and succeed?

Then this website is for you?

Surfers are invited to submit their anecdotes and stories about starting life over again, about second acts and third acts and fourth acts, about the wisdom that it's really never too late to begin again, no matter how old you are. Just send in your story to the editor at and we will put them up here after reading and approving them for content.

If you do not want your name listed on the website with your story, you may use an anonymous name, just let the editor know. Please give us your name, age, job description if important or relevant, and any other information you wish to provide.

Thank you, and ... keep on making your dreams come true.



[NOTE: Grown up's dreams chronicler Dan Bloom's "In the Eyes of a Child, It's Never Too Late to Begin Again," an inspirational prose poem illustrated by 50 children's drawings from around the world, based on the author's acclaimed "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" website, to Ellen Finckle at Wonderland Books, at auction, for publication in fall 2008, by Rick Jones at Rick Jones Literary Agency.]


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As stories from readers around the world come in to this website by email, we will post them all here: Please write soon, and names can be withheld upon request, yes.